Playlist ~ Rebroadcast of I’m Ready with Thom Myers from 4/22/20 ~ November 15, 2023 ~ 4-6 PM Pacific Time

Grady Champion I’m Ready Back In Mississippi ~ Live Grady Shady Music Willie Dixon
Walter Trout and Deacon Jones After Hours Full Circle Ruf Ershine Hawkins
Jimmy Johnson Loan Me A Dime Every Day Of My Life Delmark Robinson; Anderson; Middlebrook
Kenny ‘Beedy Eyes’ Smith & The House Bumpers No Need Brotha’ Drop The Hammer Big Eye Kenny Smith
Liz Mandeville Comfort Food Blues Playin’ With Fire Blue Kitty Liz Mandeville
Ryan Perry Ain’t Afraid To Eat Alone High Risk, Low Reward Ruf Ryan Dennis Perry
Whitney Shay Stand Up! Stand Up! Ruf Whitney Shay
Albert Castiglia Heavy Wild & Free Gulf Coast Albert Joseph Castiglia
John Blues Boyd What My Eyes Have Seen What My Eyes Have Seen Gulf Coast Kid Andersen; Guy Hale
Jimmy Carpenter Wanna Be Right Soul Doctor Gulf Coast James Carpenter
Coco Montoya Lost In The Bottle Hard Truth Alligator Dave Steen
Frank Bey Imagine All My Dues Are Paid NOLA Blue John Lennon
Steve Howell & Jason Weinheimer Blues In The Night History Rhymes Out Of The Past Steve Howell
Fiona Boyes Call Their Name Voodoo In The Shadows Reference Fiona Boyes
Bobby Rush I Don’t Want Nobody Hanging Around Porcupine Meat Rounder Bobby Rush
Jay Stollman Ride ‘Till I’m Satisfied Room For One More Number Nine Walter Trout
The Proven Ones Get Love You Ain’t Done Gulf Coast Botts; Campbell; Ramos; Templeton
Crystal Shawanda Move Me Church House Blues New Sun Vanyah Venhuizen
Reverend Shaw Amos & The Brotherhood Troubled Man Blue Sky Shaw Amos Shaw Amos
Jack Mack & The Heart Attack Sly Medley Live From Centennial Park ~ Atlanta Free Roll Sylvester Stone
Billy Hector Someday Baby Someday Baby William Hector / Ghetto Surf Music Hector; Lastovicar

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