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Music Submissions





Authorized TWOB “Contributors” may use the upload box on this page to upload your songs or albums

  1. The upload box is only visible to registered, logged in users.
  2. You must request to upgrade your membership to a “Contributor” before you can upload.  (It’s easy, Contact Us for authorization).
  3. It’s best to ZIP files before uploading so they load faster.
  4. The maximum file size is 128 MB so, you may need to break albums into multiple files.
  5. Please be patient as the progress indicator only appears in some browsers.
  6. We prefer .ZIP containing MP3s but also accept individual AAC, ABM, AC3, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP3, WAV and WMA too.
  7. Click here for Full Guidelines.

[wordpress_file_upload uploadpath=”music-uploads/%username%” uploadrole=”administrator,editor,author,contributor” uploadpatterns=”*.aac,*.abm,*.ac3,*.aiff,*.flac,*.m4a,*.mp3,*.wav,*.wma,*.zip” maxsize=”128″ createpath=”true” uploadtitle=”TWOB File Uploader” selectbutton=”1st Select File” uploadbutton=”2nd Upload File” waitmessage=”File %filename% is being uploaded, please wait” notify=”true” notifyrecipients=”” notifysubject=”Music Submission File Upload Notification” notifymessage=”Dear Recipient,%n%%n% This is an automatic delivery message to notify you that the WordPress File Upload plugin on your Music Submissions page successfully uploaded a new file.%n%%n%User Name: %username%%n%User Email: %useremail%%n%File Path: %filepath%%n%File Name: %filename%%n%%n%Best Regards” successmessagecolors=”#006600,#eeee22,#006666″ waitmessagecolors=”#666666,#eeee22,#333333″ widths=”selectbutton:75, uploadbutton:75″]


EXAMPLE UPLOAD TIMES (May take more depending on your connection quality)
File Size Upload Connection Speed
56 Kbps 256 Kbps 512 Kbps 768 Kbps 1.544 Mbps 2 Mbps 10 Mbps
1 MB 2.5 min 0.5 min 16 sec 11 sec 5.5 sec 4 sec 1 sec
3 MB 7.5 min 1.5 min 49 sec 33 sec 16 sec 12.5 sec 2.5 sec
10 MB 25 min 5.5 min 2.75 min 2 min 1 min 0.75 min 9 sec
25 MB 1 hr 13.75 min 7 min 4.5 min 2.25 min 1.75 min 21 sec
50 MB ** 27 min 14 min 9 min 4.5 min 3.5 min 42 sec
128 MB ** 70 min 35 min 23.25 min 11.5 min 8.75 min 1.75 min
**: Connection will time-out before upload completes.


 Music Upload Guidelines


WE ONLY ACCEPT “COMPLETE” CDs via our FTP Client on our site. PLEASE NO SINGLES OR JUST A FEW TRACKS FROM A CD. We are trying to provide a market platform for artists/labels to sell their products. At present, we are in compliance with rules and regulations governing internet transmissions of digital audio files to our listeners. In the future, our goal is to have artists/label sign waivers for digital performance fee in exchange for directing sales traffic to artist/labels sites for you to manage for not percentage. That’s right we play your music with no fees attached , and WE WILL NOT TAKE A DIME FOR SALES GENERATED THRU OUR WEBSITE!


Also please note that it faster and easier for you to first compress your files into a Zip file. That way you don’t have to do repeated processing of files. If you don’t do this, your product will get co-mingled with other artists. Things can get so confluent with many artists/label submissions that it can become necessary to delete and ask for a resubmission. We like to put entire CD’s in the rotation for airplay and also to distribute to our other broadcasters so that they can play on their shows.


If you’re already a registered on our site, let us know your Username then we will can change your status to a Contributor and you can load it from your computer. Otherwise, you’ll see a “Registration” tab in the upper right corner on the main home page. Just register and no fear, we don’t share! When we get your registration notice We will change the status to allow you to start your process and will sent you  a notice to that effect. Once your are registered and you login into the site on return, you’ll be able to use the upload box on this page. Please upload the artwork and liner notes with the product. MP3 files are preferred over other formats as it is accepted by almost all devices on the market today.


We need all the information possible for reporting and also for the marketplace concept we’re in the process of building. The marketplace will direct all sales in the future directly to the artist and labels sites for sales. At this time we are not charging anything for sales, but want the sales money to go more directly to the artists. What we ask is that artists/labels waiver their internet performance royalties in lieu of the sales monies. Also, please notify me if/or when you have registered and I’ll make the temporary switch for you to upload. If you’d prefer to send hardcopy, the address is below. If you need any personal assistance with this method, just give me a call and I’ll be happy to get you handled. Thank you for submitting your work! Looking forward to communicating with you.


For help, contact us at

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