The World Of Blues.com was created with everyone in the Blues World in mind! Developing a marketplace for artists of all levels to present and sell their products is the initial platform for launching this ultimate resource. Secondly, is our desire to establish a portal through which artists and fans alike can obtain information that will nourish and flourish their dreams. We encourage you to surf the advertisers here at TWOB. Thought you’d never find a place that would satisfy your needs from propelling your career as an artist, to promoting events and venues, to finding the info about who, what, where things are happening? Well, look not further!


    • Urs,
      UPDATE: Our new player is in place. Current song and the last 10 songs played appear near the top of every page. Although royalty agreements do not allow online radio stations to display current play lists, DJs post previous play lists on our Playlists page after each live show.
      OLD: We are in the process of installing a newer method of playing music and it’s display. If you wish to see the last few songs played you can go to http://loudcity.com/stations/the-world-of-blues and it displays the last 10 playes. Hope to have this remedied soon. Thanks for your kind words an support!

    • Not at all. You can use the player on the site where it says ON AIR NOW – LISTEN LIVE and a separate player will appear or go to one of the several players and formats available there to quench your thirst for great Blues we stream. Also available there are options to get us o nyour smartphones. Enjoy

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