Playlist ~ Rebroadcast of I’m Ready with Thom Myers from 2/12/10 (PM) ~ January 14, 2022 ~ 4-6 PM Pacific Time

Hubert Sumlin I’m Ready About Them Shoes Tone-Cool Willie Dixon 2/12/2010
Melvin Taylor & The Slack Band Comin’ Home Baby Rendezvous With The Blues Evidence Ben Tucker 2/12/2010
Travis ‘Moonchild’ Haddix Backwards Baby Daylight At Midnight Earwig Travis Haddix 2/12/2010
Andrew ‘Jr. Boy’ Jones Lost Love Blues Jr’ Boy’ Live 43rd Big Idea Andrew Jones 2/12/2010
Little Arthur Duncan Pretty Girls Everywhere It Ain’t Over ~ 55 Years Of Blues Delmark Church; Williams 2/12/2010
Chainsaw Dupont Day Of The Dead Ghost Kings Of Beale Street Blues Warriors Dupont; Mr BIG 2/12/2010
Shaun Murphy Come To Mama Livin’ The Blues Shaun Murphy Mitchell; Randle 2/12/2010
Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials Life Got In The Way Full Tilt Alligator Ed Campbell; Pam Campbell 2/12/2010
Joe Louis Walker Hallways Between A Rock And The Blues Stony Plain Steve Hall 2/12/2010
Hamilton Loomis Best Worst Day Live In England Ham-Bone H. Loomis; G. Schwartz 2/12/2010
Ronnie Baker Brooks Stuck On Stupid Golddigger Watchdog Ronnie Baker Brooks 2/12/2010
Zora Young Toxic [Live] The French Connection Delmark Zora Young 2/12/2010
Quintus McCormick What Goes Around Comes Around Hey Jodie! Delmark Quintus Daryl McCormick 2/12/2010
Jonny Lang A Quitter Never Wins Lie To Me A&M Margaret Sampson; Tinsley Ellis 2/12/2010
Mike Zito Superman Today Eclecto Groove Mike Zito 2/12/2010
Chico Banks Angel Of Mercy Candy Lickin’ Man Evidence Homer Banks; Raymond Jackson 2/12/2010
Nora Jean Bruso If That’s What You Want To Do Sings The Blues Red Hurricane Milton Campbell 2/12/2010
Willie G Missing You Frsh Cut Tropicana Willie G 2/12/2010
Alvin Sykes Better Than Your Used To Be Better Than Your Used To Be Whip Sykes 2/12/2010
Alvin Sykes I Can Do Bad All By Myself Better Than Your Used To Be Whip Sykes; McKinney; Landon 2/13/2010
Motor City Women & Detroit Express feat Stacia Petrie Ford Right Here, Right Now Ready Fordco Music S. Petrie Ford 2/12/2010
Roy Rogers Patron Saint Of Pain Split Decision Blind Pig Roy Rogers 2/12/2010

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