Playlist ~ I’m Ready with Thom Myers ~ July 14, 2021 ~ 4-6 PM Pacific Time

Reverend Shawn Amos I’m Ready The Cause Of It All Shawn Amos Willie Dixon
Kirk Fletcher Way Back Home  My Turn Eclecto Groove Wilton Lewis Felder
Kilborn Alley Blues Band Going Hard The Tolono Tapes Run It Back Kilborn Alley Blues Band
Jackie Payne Back To Normal I Saw The Blues Blue Dot J. Barnett; C. Whitsett; D. Penn
Tail Dragger Don’t Trust No Woman Howlin’ At Greaseland West Tone C. Burnett
Tiffany Pollack & Eric Johnason Blues In My Blood Blues In My Blood NOLA Blue Pollack; Johnason; Miele
Russ Osteen Band Mannish Boy Williwaw Russ Osteen Band McKinley Morganfield
JB Hutto Young Hank’s Crawl Stompin’ At Mother’s Blues Delmark Lee Jackson; Elbert Buckner
Long John Hunter Irene Ride With Me Alligator Hunter
JC Crossfire What Could Have Been AWOL Blues Waxeater Joe Cannizzo
Peter V Blues Train For All We Know Shaken But Not Deterred Peter Veteska Peter Veteska
Kenny Parker Blind And Paralyzed Hellfire Rock-a-While Kenny Parker
Vintage #18 Million Miles Grit Vintage #18 Bob Dylan
Yvonne I Got To End It All Yvonne Blues Gem JL Norman
Jimmy J. Pinchak Band Murder Blue On Arrival Habeas Corpus Jimmy J. Pinchak
Vanjay Sky Lost Love Bad Penny Ruf Vanja Sky
Willie Buck with The Roclin’ Johnny Band Cell Phone Man Cell Phone Man Delmark Willie Buck
Bill Perry Fade To Blue Love Scars PointBlank Bill Perry
The Wildcat O’Halloran Band Sherlock Holmes Hot Pulldown William Halloran William Halloran
Ruff Kutt Blues Band Down So Low That’s When The Blues Begins James Goode James Goode
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood Long Time Gone Soul Of The Gypsy Lydia Pense & Cold Blood David Crosby
Mark May Band Back Deep Dark Demon Gulf Coast Mark May
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood  It’s Got To Be Real Soul Of The Gypsy Lydia Pense & Cold Blood James Page

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