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This is where we hope you will share your thoughts with us.  Tell us what you like, offer suggestions, tell us about a great artist that you have heard.

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  1. I think the new addition of the mobile streaming is outstanding. Even though I don’t have a cell phone that accommodates that type of service at the moment, I don’t always expect that to remain the same. I am having so much fun finding out what today’s surprise is – you weren’t kidding when you said that new things may be added every day. It’s like things are unfolding, one by one, and each new feature makes you wonder what’s next. I don’t know whose idea it was to introduce all the new features that way, but I am enjoying the heck out of it and I bet I’m not the only one.

  2. OK, no more reserving judgment; I have had time to explore the new features. What I like: the playlists (but would prefer if they were within the last week), the blog since it is nice to have a place to make comments, and I really like the new player, especially because it shows the album artwork and enables purchase of songs. What I don’t like: I can’t start a new post, just reply to one, and I don’t like it that the (moving) smoke is gone from the guy playing the horn! The map is nice but way too small, and even looking at the enlarged one doesn’t really clearly indicate pinpointed areas although this is just a matter of curiosity and isn’t that important to me as a listener. Also, it would be nice to have an option to post a picture on the profile.

    But overall, I like the new site, I like the look of it all, and most of all I like all the good blues music that keeps coming at us during the transition. Good job guys!

  3. Wow Thom – what an impressive new site! I’m busy exploring the whole thing right now so I will reserve any comments on it until later, but my congratulations to you for the end result to all your hard work – it looks great!!

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