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Whether you’re a musician, a band, a fan, or someone just interested in finding out about the blues, whatever part of the blues you’re from, we cordially invite you to spend a little time surfing and scrolling through this site. The ultimate design is to be the retail outlet for Music that’s being aired by live broadcasters from around the world.

Here’s what we have to offer…………

  • Broadcast personalities from all around the planet to spin the best blues music that the world has to offer to wet your appetite. Our final goal is to have “Live” broadcasters “All Day, All Night from All Around The World”.
  • ‘Live” Chatroom where you can talk with the On-Air personality and other blues appreciators. Share or learn more about the music being played. Make request!
  • (Soon) Direct links to the artists, their label and to purchase their products.
  • Resources and information from our advertisers to help you accomplish your tasks and idea

Whether you’re an appreciator or you’re in the business, our objective is to make The World Of Blues the first and last place you will need to look for your blues fix!

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As the internet becomes the main source for music these days, we need to remember one thing! ~ If we don’t buy the music it will wither and blow away! In keeping with TWOB policy of discouraging the Free downloading and recording of music on the internet, we will be launching a campaign to bring this awareness to the public thru ads and PSA Spots on our station.
Think about it……….CAN you work for FREE!

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